WRTG 6040: Digital Rhetoric

Untitled-1DIGITAL RHETORIC is a graduate course that explores the increasing importance networked writing has for pedagogy as well as civic, professional, and academic life. The course aims to offer students the opportunity to read/discuss current theories of digital writing and provide structured practice in many of its forms. Following these aims, the course, through its readings and assignments, is designed to be a workshop. That is, coursework will be directed towards project-based inquiry in which a great deal of class time will be used for student projects and our readings/discussions that will support those projects.


Over the course of the semester, students will:

  • Develop a critical awareness of the constraints and affordances of digital writing across multiple modes, media, and genres of texts;
  • Practice a range of composing techniques through an array of multiple media (visual, print, audio, and video);
  • Become attuned to how writing technologies inform our conditions of civic, academic, and professional possibility.

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