Inventing Place: Writing Lone Star Rhetorics

Store front whose sign reads "The Texas Store". Other text includes the title , inventing Place, and the editors' names, Casey Boyle & Jenny Rice

Inventing Place offers a sustained but varying examination of the multiple spatial-temporal dynamics that compose place. Bringing together multiple methods and scholars from across rhetoric and related disciplines, the chapters blend personal and scholarly accounts of sites in Texas to offer an examination of place as an embodied poiesis. Transversing across the wide geography of Texas, the book’s chapters model methods to examine place in ways that are not reducible to common physical or geographic attributes. While centered in Texas, Lone Star Rhetoric offers advances in the study of place, culture, and rhetoric by bringing in the personal alongside the scholarly and exhibiting multiple methods.

Table of Contents

Introduction –Writing, Place, Poiesis

Casey Boyle & Jenny Rice


Central Texas

Chapter 1 – “When You’re Pretty”

James J. Brown, Jr

Chapter 2 – “Figments of a Future Austin”

Megan Gianfagna

Chapter 3 – “Rhetorics of Smoke and Cedar: The Terroir of Texas BBQ”

Amy Young

Chapter 4 – “Drowning at the Poodle Dog”

Nate Kreuter

Chapter 5 – “The Complete History of Parlin Hall (Abridged Version)”

Casey Boyle


East Texas

Chapter 6 -“Recirculating our Racism: Public Memory, Folklore, and Place in East Texas”

James Chase Sanchez

Chapter 7 – “Archiving Devils”

Jenny Rice


North Texas

Chapter 8 – “Fort Worth by Day, Cowtown by Night, It’s all to the West of Adios”

Cynthia Haynes

Chapter 9 – “(White Trash) Pantego”

Doug Eskew

Chapter 10 – “Denton, Texas and the Rhetorical Appeal of Authenticity”

Jordan Frith

Chapter 11 – “Walnut Hill Story: Memory, History, and the Built Environment in the

Experience of a Place”

Michael Odom

Chapter 12 – “Reconciling Texas; or Inventing (a) Place Out of Place”

Ryan Skinnell


South Texas

Chapter 13 – “From Bespoke to Baroque: Folding and Unfolding the Burrito in San Antonio”

William Burdette

Chapter 14 – “Texas without Texas: The Septic Tank where Houston became Modern . . . in Paris, Texas”

Victor Vitanza

Chapter 15 – “Eagleville”

Jennifer D. Carlson

Chapter 16 – “We All Remember the Alamo: Materializing the Personal”

Donna Dunbar-Odom


West Texas

Chapter 17 – “Notes from a Texas Gun Show”

Barry Brummett

Chapter 18 – “El Paso, Plastic Bags, Aesthetics”

Brian McNely

Chapter 19 – “Weary Land: the Space and Place of West Texas”

Jillian Sayre



Edited Collection to be published by Southern Illinois UP. Co-edited with Jenny Rice



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