e pluribus plures: DMAC and its Keywords

e-pluribusIn this massively collaborative essay, we write about the Digital Media and Composition (DMAC) Summer Institute at OSU. We discuss its affordances for professional development through its ability to offer diverse perspectives, experiences, lessons, tools, and resources. As a group essay we find it difficult to settle on any one characteristic that best represents what DMAC affords concerning professional development and scholarly methods. DMAC’s values are skills, knowledges, and capacities that work together to form a complex exchange of professional possibilities. It is a complex endeavour. With this complexity in mind, our article explores the culture of DMAC as a circulating culture of diversity. Our multivocal essay traces keywords that we associate with DMAC and its capacities for professional development. Our keywords include access, assemblage, assets, community, conversations, intensity, novice, and participation.


In addition to myself, the other authors for this article include: Stephanie Vie – University of Central Florida; Laura Micciche – University of Cincinnati; Melanie Yergeau – University of Michigan; Caroline Dadas – Montclair State University; Janine Morris – University of Cincinnati; Christian Smith – Coastal Carolina University; and Lisa Blankenship – Baruch College, CUNY.


Co-Authored Article for Special Issue of Computers and Composition on the 30th Anniversary of CWIC/DMAC



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