Augmented Publics

Red and White Pokemon Ball Super imposed on an image of legs standing on a streetAny given public is the result of the activation of a certain kind of circulation. Following that claim, Nathaniel Rivers and I argue in this chapter that all publics are augmentations and such augmentations can be seen as accelerated in and through locative media. We demonstrate our claim by examining three micro-case studies: Google Maps, Ingress, and Pokémon GO. Together, these three, nested cases help cultivate the rhetorical activities needed to navigate and negotiate a public as a circulatory project. Ultimately, we argue that locative media not only help us trace a public in circulation but that such devices also compel us to place circulation into and as a rhetorical practice.


co-written with Nathaniel Rivers and will appear in *Circulation, Writing, and Rhetoric* edited by Laurie Gries and Collin Brooke from Utah State University Press (expected publication late 2017/early 2018).



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