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choir 2The existence of this site is due, in part, to shaming I recently received from Collin Brooke.

Collin and I were discussing how academics need to have some form of online presence. While we agreed that having a site is important for those of us who work in digital rhetoric/digital humanities, it’s becoming equally important for any academic to have at least a simple site. The site need not be too extensive. It only needs the basic information–research interests, courses, readings, responses, etc. Just something.

Nodding all along, I agreed……then I reminded him that I didn’t have an active site.

After a few minutes of said shaming, I resolved to get one up, sooner rather than later.

Though, to be fair, I’m not not online. I’m somewhat active on twitter, facebook, and academia.edu. I even occasionally—when I’m at a computer that has my login info stored—check in at LinkedIn (if only to stop the emails reminding me to accept connection requests). Also, my work at/on enculturation should probably be included in any account of my “online presence” even if I’m not the one being presenced.

Of course, I’ve known I’ve needed some kind of site for a long time. I purchased domains for my name a few years ago and have had server space for a couple of years too. I suppose my reluctance is/was a response to a couple of things. The one I’ll mention here is an avoidance of blogging that often accompanies such academic sites. I missed the rise of blogs in the early-to-mid 2000’s and trying to join in, to me, resembled trying to hop on a moving train. Great work by many in rhetoric/composition including Collin, but also Jeff Rice, Alex Reid, Catherine Prendergast, Clay Spinuzzi, Derek Mueller and many many others made the bar for late entry, to say the least, daunting. This is not even to mention the other prolific academics’ blogs I read outside of rhetoric proper, including Acephelous, John Protevi, Levi Bryant, Ian Bogost and, again, many many more.

So—once I get everything added I need to add—this site will primarily be a place to fulfill those basic functions I discussed above: research interests, courses, readings,  etc. That said, I intend to post something every couple of weeks. Mostly, these posts will be excerpts from what I’m working on–writings, readings, responses, et al. Nothing too extensive, but just enough to warrant refreshing the page every once in a while.

The next post I’ll add—sometime next week—is one explaining the rationale behind my projects page in lieu of a traditional CV. That post/rationale will overview a longer piece I’m working on about representing one’s academic work in an age when the boundaries of what counts as academic are constantly shifting.

In any case, if nothing here interests you, blame Collin.

[image credit: “the choir” by enrico pallis]



  1. You’re going to call the blog something besides “blog,” eventually, right?

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